Find Your Gurus

I learn lots of stuff on my own — I figure it out, I try and fail and try and succeed, I break something and figure out how not to do that again… But hands down, the fastest way I learn is by sitting at the feet of my teachers. I’ve got a lot of them in all areas of my life, but when it comes to maritime safety, my go-to guy is Mario Vittone, former Coast Guard rescue swimmer and accident investigator, now on a mission to help people be safe and smart on the water. The best gurus don’t just show you how to do things, they change your thinking. Mario does that for me.

Here’s an example: The Wrong Argument: Why Experience Doesn’t Matter. Boom! In other words, the fact that you got away with something for a long time doesn’t make it the right choice. And, we always think we know more than we know. A great reminder for me to ask, “Is this really my safest option?” and, “Do I actually know what I am talking about?”

My husband and I are heading to Florida next month so I can become PADI certified as a scuba diver. Looks like I will have an opportunity to shake Mario’s hand in person while we are there. Life goals!

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