Tearing Open the Envelope

When I was a kid, I was terrified of the water. Totally convinced there was something lurking under the surface that was going to grab me and pull me down, then eat me for lunch. Kind of like the “monsters under the bed” scenario but with drowning. So much of what I wanted to do was water-related (swim, sail) that I knew I had to fix that situation. So I learned to swim. Then I learned to dive. Then I became a swimming instructor. Then I became a lifeguard. Then I became a water safety instructor who teaches lifeguards. You get the idea.

Last month, it was time to take the next step and learn to scuba dive. Unfortunately, the weather in Florida was rainy and cold, and hypothermia set in after just a few hours on the first day. But I did at least get a chance to try this whole “breathing underwater” thing, and it was awesome. One quick moment of “I can’t breathe and can’t remember what to do where is the surface… aaaagh!” but otherwise pretty neat. I’m looking forward to trying again at some point, and making my “doing things in the water” envelope just a little bigger this year.

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