USCGAUX in Winter

I drove by the marina┬átoday and things were looking pretty desolate. Don’t get me wrong, the trees were still full of gloriously colored leaves, the dog park had a dozen or more happy canines running around in the misting rain, and there were even some intrepid soccer players I passed on the way in. But the piers are empty, the bike racks are deserted, and the bathrooms are locked. It’s winter in Ithaca.

At the Coast Guard Auxiliary Base, we have moved the dock to winter storage and stowed the “facilities” (the boats we use to do patrols etc.), and the parking lot is dominated by two boats on stands under cover of tarps and shrink wrap.

Me aboard the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater in the Coast Guard Auxiliary Service Blue Uniform

But USCGAUX activities still go on even though we aren’t out on the water! This is a great time of year for getting more training under our belts and catching up on requirements. There’s time to devote to projects and brushing up on skills. My checklist this winter is all about sailing and sailboats and sail training. Not surprising I would imagine! Just got to catch up on my paperwork first…

Interested in knowing more about the Coast Guard Auxiliary? Check it out here!

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