Winter Is Com… Here!

As I sit in front of the (electric) fire this week before Thanksgiving, I am busy plotting boat stuff for next spring and summer. Like most of us who live in four-season climates, my boat is sitting on stands in a parking lot until May. That gives me lots of time to cook up ideas for what to do next year…

We have been running sailing charters locally for several years, but I am feeling an itch to take the boat a little further. When she was de-rigged last month, I had the boatyard set her up with a mast cradle so we could take her through the Erie Canal right after we splash in the spring. That should be fun! We’ll do a little sailing on the Hudson River before bringing her home.

We also bought a little 15′ classic runabout for my husband recently, but had to put her away for the winter before we could try her out. That is going to be so cool! Since she sits on a trailer (unlike our large sailboat), we can take her all over and putter about on lakes wherever we wish. Can’t wait!

In the meantime, I will be working on upgrading my master’s license and setting up some training through the Coast Guard Auxiliary. So thinking about boat stuff even if I am curled up on the couch!

Photo credit: andnorth.comĀ @2018

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